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Chapter 4 of Krug's book, Don't Make me Think, is all about making mindless choices. This means that when we are faced with a decision to click to different links on a web page, the user should know exactly which one will cater to their wants and needs. Everyone on the internet is looking for answers. Krug is implying that the steps along the way to reaching those answers, should be relatively painless/easy. As for having to click things repeatedly to confirm that, yes that is the link I want and yes I hope it will give me the right information, I do not want to spend too much time on the clicking process. Krug makes this point when he mentions that, "In general, I think its safe to say that users don't mind alot of clicks as long as each click is painless and they have continued confidence that they're on the right track..." This is true in my experience but kind of do mind a lot of clicks...

Chapter 5 contains the important lessons of omitting what I like to call "fluff" from web page, getting rid of "happy talk" (also pretty much fluff or bullshit) and that nobody likes intructions! So true... to all of these concepts! I never read instructions unless they are 3 numbers long and 5 words or less. I do have to admit that I tend to be a fluffer so to speak and add some unneccesaary happy talk in my writing but somtimes I think that adds character to the subjecy content, especially if its a boring one. But I can see how it needs to be lessened or basically cleared out of websites because readers do not read that stuff. They want to know the who, what, when, where, and why; which is completely understandable.

So these two chapters have hit on two subjects that I am aware of but once again, I like the way that Krug puts these theories. He makes me want to read them and think, hey maybe I didn't know this or well, thats a good point. It is also different because it only pertains to websites as opposed to any other kind of writing style where these ideas still apply, but to different lengths. 


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