The IF Experience

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My experience with these interactive games was interesting. I liked some of them but got frustrated sometimes. This was a new experience and it actually reminded me of instant messanging.

There are computer response screennames that are there for specific reasons to help im-ers. Some of them include features like movie theater information, smart talkers which you can basically ask about anything, and other various categories. Back in middle school, I used to "experiment" with them and see how they would respond to silly questions or even inappropriate ones. It was a good laugh because often times the reponses would be similiar to the ones I got in this test run, like: I do not know that response, or what? lol.

I did the games that did not require any downloading. Lost Pig, Galatea, and Photopia. I liked Lost Pig the best. The language they used was funny and entertaining; Grunk the dumb farm hick. It was the most exciting I think and it made me want to find the pig!

Galatea was a little on the frustrating side. I enjoyed reading her paragraph long responses but asking questions was tough at first. Then once I actually went back and read the directions again I realized what I needed to say to get a response out of her. Her story was interesting.

Photopia was my least favorite. It was hard to figure out also. I didn't really get the concept of the story or game. It was confusing and honestly I didn't spend too much time on it.

So I had fun trying out these games but I don't think I could spend more than an hour playing them.

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