Alpha testing results

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Today in class we practiced some usability testing with our classmates on our partially finished products. I didn't have much done, just the homepage and links to my other pages included. I'm still not really happy with anything I've done yet. It just doesn't look very professional which is kind of what I was going for. But, I only know so much so I feel like that kind of limits me.

I recieved some good feedback from Andy and Denamarie who both looked at my site. I also had some help from Dave who showed me how to do some simple html things that I had forgotten. It's been a while since I have done anything with html so this whole process is going really slow. It took me several hours just to get a simple home page out. But maybe I'm being too particular. Anyway, I recieved some feedback that I should put a margin or border on the pages so the text isn't so stretched out across the page, which I agree because its a lot easier on the eyes. I also got the suggestion to include links to actual political news sites on my current news page and link. I already thought of this I just didn't get to implement it yet. But I think that will be a nice touch, and I have pictures that you can click on to go to the front for the story behind the picture.

I also got some compliments on the design. Dena said it was nice that there was no scrolling on the home page and Andy said he liked the layout. I was told it looked professional so thats a good sign I guess!

Now it's time to get to work on the other pages! 

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