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I chose a Wikipedia page about field hockey because I know all of the rules about it and have played it for 9 years. When I clicked on Edit this page, it cautioned me to log in first or else my IP address would be recorded publicly in the pages edit history. It then went on to explain that if you create an account, you can conceal your IP address and be provided with "benefits". You can scroll through the original text of the page's information and edit it there.

As I scanned through the Saint Vincet and Seton Hill pages on Wikipedia, I found them to be pretty similar. They had the same amount of information and generally the same content. Most of the information was accurate and up to date (more so on Seton Hill's page). They both had pitcures of the school and the mascott logo. Saint Vincent had a history and traditions section while Seton Hill just had one big paragraph with that information on it.

As far as the history and discussion links, I found it difficult to get any real information out of them because you were required to log in to get the discussions. I found those sections hard to navigate. On the history of editing pages, I think most of them were done by administrators or professors based on the usernames- I could tell which names were made by students-.

Overall I was kind of looking forward to seeing something that wasn't true on either page but I couldn't really find anything that caught my eye. I also don't know enough about St. Vincents to know if there was a mistake. I guess I was expecting to find some crazy comment that a student left in the history page but I couldn't access that information. Perhaps this is telling me that I need to become more informed about the Wiki-world.


Daniella Choynowski said:

I didn't really get any information from those pages either. I had no idea that it was because I wasn't logged in. Even so, the scarce content on the St V's page made it obvious the page has not been substantially edited enough. Reading SHU's page, you can tell someone recently (within the past few months) edited, because there's a paragraph about LECOM. All I got from the pages was that about 4 people had edited SHU's page recently, and that both pages were part of the same 3 wiki projects.

Jed Fetterman said:

I got the impression that someone was trying to "sell" SHU on Wikipedia. I saw a lot more about the on-campus programs and sports (and the popular fiction program, yay!) than St. Vincent's straight description of the history.

I tried to add some information, that I thought our page was missing, and I guess that fresh blood would help with that.

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