Krug Critique

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Although it has been some time since we have finished the Krug readings in EL236, the chapters still remain in my head. I think this book, Don't Make Me Think!, has stuck with me more so than the other required readings. Krug's way with words and simple descriptions really get readers involved and make creating a successful website seem easy.

Yes it seems easy but look at how many people write in to him and ask him to do usability tests on their sites or give feedback of what he, as a professional, thinks. You would think that by simply following his tips in the book on organization, home pages, navigation, etc., there would not be problems. But we are all human, which Krug takes into account based on his humbling messages that make people feel okay when they screw up! It's not the end of the world and I believe Krug really stresses this fact by trying to ease readers fears about creating a webpage.

As far as this book being created in 2000 goes, I think its pretty universal in the fact that this information is not going to change. His ideas and tips are basically standard for creating a website and doing usability testing. Some of the sites he references to (like Amazon) probably change every year, so an updated book may have more updated websites that apply to his teachings. However, I think this book could last another 10 years.

I don't have a lot of constructive criticism to give out but there are things that I think should not be changed given the knowledge that another book would be coming out. I thought the use of pictures and example sites was a nice touch. Having that visual really put it into perspective for me and I was able to compare what he was describing in the reading with an almost life-like experience. I also liked how he kept his chapters short (give or take a few). By doing this Krug is, as they say, 'practicing what you preach'. The same efforts were also found in the Kilian readings.

Here are some more of my thoughts on Krug that go chapter by chapter.

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