My Edits are gone!

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So, I waited the weekened out to check on the edits I made on the two Wikipedia pages and sadly found that one is gone.

I first checked the field hockey page and saw that all the things I added were no longer there. This was actually no big surprise. It's not that I lied in any of the additions I just think that they were already said before so it was kind of redundant. The hair straigthener page I found had one of my edits there but the other was erased. I honestly think that the person scanning the page did not see my one entry because it was in the middle of a large paragraph where as my other one was at the very beginning in the second sentence. It was also not really accurate. 

Now I realize how much Wikipedia is updated and changed. But I also realize that it depends on the subject you are researching. For example, field hockey is a sport that has been around for a long time. All the rules remain the same and the game is still played the same way so there is nothing new to add to it really. On the other hand, hair straighteners change all the time. They come out with more modern models every year and there are many different tips that women have that can be added to information pages like Wikipedia that may benefit other women who straighten their hair.

 I found that my peer's entries were mostly erased as well. So does that mean that you have to make some sort of name for yourself before other users can accept your info? I wonder who actually has more authority in Wikipedia or is it every freeman to himself or what about a line of authority? Any difference between someone who has been editing pages for years compared to a first time college kid messing up a page for a homework assignment?

Anyway, I don't understand the world of Wikipedia very well but I still think its pretty neat. It gives people a chance to add a bit of their knowledge into the internet world. Wikipedia is such a big name that it actually matters what goes in there. I think there are people  that take it as a joke but then again there are people who take it very seriously. (obviously)

As a final thought, I wonder if any of my teachers or professors use Wikipedia on a regular basis or make edits to it as well? (besides your Dr. Jerz, sorry.) 



Jackie Johns said:

You point out some interesting ideas, Ann. Precedence on Wikipedia?! I'm sure other users must carry more clout than others, at least among the community of Wikipedia users; the administrators, I'd hope, would remain independent.
The fact that people are more interested in current event topics seems almost like common sense in hind sight, but I'd be the first to admit that when Wikipedia first came out I used it to find information on standard stuff as well as pop culture stuff.
But that point comes back to what I talked about a lot in my own blogs; that is, that examining Wikipedia closely shows you that the program is more about the process and the dialouge between users than the end information (but that is important too, of course).

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