Okay, Krug's actual last stand (last chapter)

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There is not too much to say about this last chapter. There was a short summary that mainly consisted of Krug telling his readers to refer back to his book when they think they might make a mistake and reminding them to always test! There was one (actually two) "lessons"/ new information in this last chapter.

It discussed what to do when a boss gives you bad suggestions or ideas. The two he pointed out or got the most feedback from was:

  • Providing too much personal information
  • Making your site have more pizazz

Apparently a lot of bosses suggest these two things, but with good intentions of course. They don't really know that they are bad ideas and that a designer should never use them. Users do not want to give you their life story. If a site asks for some indentification or private information that is respectable than more users will be willing to fill it out. I hate it when there is a huge, long list of things I have to put in from my birth date to my favorite color. A lot of that info is unneccessary.

The other problem, the pizazz problem, often turns out messy, unorganized, and distracting. That's pretty much all there is to say on that topic. Appearance is good but it can go too far just like too much of anything can....

Once again Krug came through with the example boxes and provided some written email samples of how he addressed those issues to the bosses of the designers and their company. I thought they were honest but in good taste. I don't think I would write one of those to my boss though, I think I would get Krug to email him.

Looking back on this book, I thought it was very well written and tasteful. I liked the use of examples, and the "easy reading" style. It made for a quick read and I picked up alot from chapters because he made them short and to the point.

The End

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