Portfolio 3- Intermediate

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As I reflect on the past few weeks since the last portfolio I submitted, I look back at my progress in EL236. I chose the title of this portfolio, intermediate, because I think it describes my position in this class (Writing for the Internet). I am past the beginner level and not yet an expert so therefore I would fall somewhere under the intermediate level. It also ties in nicely with the games we have been playing during this section of the class considering those are common words used in playing any kind of computer game.

This portfolio displays my work and thoughts throughout this portion of the class where we discusssed things like hypertext readings, IF adventure games, learned about usability testing, created inform 7 games, and got some great tips from Kilian and Krug on how to make a successful website. So here goes- Anne Williams' Portfolio 3.

Coverage- this shows links to readings that we did where quotes were included and a link back to the course homepage to view the assignment.  

Depth- This ones pretty self-explanitory.

Interaction- This shows peer comments on my blog entries and other responses I have gotten.

Timeliness- Basically blogs that I wrote and submitted on time.

Discussion- This entails my ability to keep an active blog relationship with my classmantes.

I expect that my next porfolio will contain new things that I have learned in EL236 with new insights and new ideas. Perhaps I will still be at an intermediate level or maybe I will become in expert! It is all in my hands, but in whatever I do, I learn. And thats all that counts.

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