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So this is a scary adventure for me. In EL236 (Writing for the Internet) we are required to do an end of the semester term project. I chose to do a website. Now the reason it's scary is because I was never very good at html-ing when we started it. I improved a little but I still may need help so fellow classmates, hear me out. My goal is to keep improving here. 

Since I know that I like government and politics, I am basing my website on that criteria. I want to focus it on more current politics such as the recent election and what the President-Elect (Obama) has in store for the new year. I also want people to be informed a little on what is going on in the House and Senate. People complain too much about how ill-informed people who call themselves citizens of America are, so this is going to be a simple, informative couple of pages. I may need suggestions on where to narrow it down or some specific information about our current government that people may want to know. But the key word here is simple. I don't want to make politics more confusing than it already is. Also, Dr. Jerz gave me the idea to keep up a political blogroll that corresponds with the website. So I might give that a try but it probably won't go up until I have the website done.

Here are some informative government websites where I can hopefully take a few things from and apply it to my own site.



Jed Fetterman said:

I don't want to sound too critical of your project because it sounds very good. I am just wondering what you mean by "what is going on in" Congress. A lot of things are happening all the time in both houses, so if you want to keep it simple, you may want to focus on one committee or issue. I really like your idea and I agree with you that too many ignorant people complain about politics. Good luck!

I agree with Jed... you might focus on education issues, or first-amendment issues, or something else that touches your life.

Dave Wilbanks said:

I agree that the focus might be a bit ambitious. It'll probably be easier to get a bit more of a specific focus (It'll mean a lot less content for you to write). I really just wanted to mention that I'd be willing to help you out with the HTML if you need it.

I have a webpage done in this semester is about election fourm in SHU.

The page is: http://people.setonhill.edu/aero/presidential/

I have this page can give you some ideas, and I will help you if you like as well.

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