Another Progress Report

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As I continue this frustrating game of html-ing, my website is surprisingly coming along. Through all the tweaks and turns, I found that I get really distracted with little things in my website; like design and style. It's difficult for me to ignore tiny spacing errors or pictures that aren't all sized the same, or fonts that are not alike. I kind of forgot about the big picture and skipped out on some important stuff.

However, now that it is beta testing time, I can seriously take a look at the little mistakes that have been bugging me. I have fixed a few of the major ones that were mostly just problems with spacing and have moved on. Now I am looking at things that users may find helpful in my site.

I have decided to add several more links within the site to make it more interactive and to include more information for the viewer to use outside of my site. GovWorld has kind of turned into a base for those seeking general knowledge about the presidency, congress, and current political news. I also included a few more pictures and logos to make it more interesting and appealing as well. I thought about adding more information considering most of my pages are fairly short, but I also don't want to take away from the simple aspect. Viewers often don't want to scroll through paragraphs of texts. The information is easy to spot and right to the point, so I don't want to change that.

Some things I am considering changing however, is the background. I am thinking about just having the home page keep the current black and white flag, and creating a more plain background for the information pages. I need to try out that idea. Also I want to make a page that contains works cited information; a list of the websites I used to get information and pictures, I also want to include contact information about me in their to give myself some credit.

Within these next couple of days, I think I can accomplish what I have set for myself as far as goals go. I haven't made any drastic changes to the site because I haven't really felt the need to but with a little feedback from my testers (once I choose some) I think I will be set. 

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