Portfolio 4- The end of a term

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Portfolio number four is the magic number. This is it for my portfolio days for now! However, I do not think it will be my last blog entry. As excited as I am to be done with the semester (term), I have enjoyed being able to go back and look at what I have acompished. This class has provide me with that oppurtunity. Because of these portfolio assignments, I have evidence of what I have learned as a student in EL236. And now, as we have learned from the internet, these memories are practically permanently stored into the world wide web. Oh well! There is nothing I can do about that, but since this assignment requires some of my best work of the semester, I guess I don't mind. So here it is, world!

*Since there was not a lot of reading or new activities to blog about since our last portfolio, I tried to give variety of some of my better work on several topics that we covered during the course.

Coverage- Blogs in which quotes and a lot of thought are put into.

Timeliness- Getting those blogs, readings, and activities in on time...

Interaction- writing, responding, and helping out classmates on their blog entries. During the term project class time, I know Andy and I exchanged a lot of help in the beginning, and considering I sit next to Dave and Maddie, we were able to give each other ideas and answers many a time. This was not documented in any blogs but that immediate help was nice to have.

Discussion- more comments and conversation starters.

Depth- Richly linked essays and topics in which I felt the need to write more than a usual blog entry.

As I come to the end of a term, I look at how I was feeling during certain times of the semester. Sometimes depending on the subject or criteria of the assignment, my blogs were revealed the length, thought, and effort I put into some of them. Others, I enjoyed writing because it was about a certain topic that I cared to express myself in. Some of these blogs were written in the late hours, others during class, and several over the course of many hours. I think it is good for me to create this portfolio; not just as another assignment, but as a milestone for myself and my progress.


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