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Portfolio II

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 Portfolio II - EL267  


American Literature 1915 - present took me by surprise.  The course demands sincere intellectual thought about the topics it introduces, and the blogging has aided in that thought process. I found throughout the term I was continuously challenged to seek answers for myself rather than them be provided for me.  As a whole my blogs are notably shorter this time around.  I noticed from compiling the first portfolio that shorter entries received greater response than lengthier ones.  I can say with total honesty that I've put a lot of effort into this class.



All my entries fulfill the criteria for coverage: Each takes a direct quote from the work and discusses it. So, I offer some of my more brief contributions.

Painful Reminder 
Seperation of Reality and Fiction, Blurry 
On a Lighter Note


For the most part, my entries managed the Friday deadlines. (Any posted late were still completed before class discussions.)

What Makes You Special 
Dancing to a Different Tune 
Blinding Content  
What is up with the Bloods? 
The Trouble With Bugs and Coffee Grinds 
A Boxed Bird
All of my comments were timely.


Topics that sparked conversation.

Nikita said: "This is very interesting. I didn't think about the choice in names, but it does make sense."
What is up with the Bloods?
Chris said: "I didn't read very much into this conversation, but after having read your blog, April, I must agree that it certainly does appear to deliver a message to the audience."
The Trouble With Bugs and Coffee Grinds 
Andrew said: "Ellison puts so much detail into almost every line of the book, I know exactly how you feel."


Reading assignments that got the mental gears churning.

I provide a link to an insightful interpretation of Henry and Gladys in The Skin of Our Teeth.
A more personal entry that came about from a Foster reading.
Blinding Content   
Discussed how differently my sister and I reacted to "My Papa's Waltz."
Dancing to a Different Tune
A lighter entry that still triggered greater thought. I include links to images for visual aid.
What Makes You Special?  


Contribution to classmates blogs.

Response to Sue's reaction over the issue of invisibility in The Invisible Man.
A comment on confusion in one academic article mentioned in Aja's blog.
Emerson said...Or was it Ellison
Talking about "blind innocence" in The Invisble Man on Alyssa's blog.
Naivety and Failure 
I gave my opinion on close reading in Chris' blog.
Do I need new specs?


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