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Portfolio 1: EL227


read-the-newspaper.jpgNews Writing has, interestingly, shone new light on the grey areas in my writing.  Coming into this, I expected to gather skills relevant to producing good journalism.  What I'm discovering is the techniques that deliver quality news are not exclusive to journalists and news stories: These concepts request a deliberateness that is fundamental to anyone who considers themselves a writer, no matter what sort of writer they intend to be. 

So, my expectations have evolved.  I am anticipating big changes in areas I've not previously thought to correct or give much concern.  In Basic Comp. and STW, we learn longer sentences don't necessarily have more to say than shorter ones.  News Writing takes that idea and makes it LAW.  English majors love words, so it makes sense we would want to parade them around in a glorious manner.  However, too many sentences bloated with beautiful, extravagant and creative thoughts might overwhelm our audience--the writing equivalent to a sugar-comma.  I'm appreciating the power behind fewer words.

These blogs chart my progress in gaining this new understanding:

Less in-depth entries that pioneered the way to stronger connections with course concepts.

Hazards of the Job: Arriving at a Solution in Print


Newsworthiness Audio Clip

I haven't mastered a rhythm, yet, with the blogging this time around.  All of my entries made deadline before class, but my comments flagged slightly.
Rather than post them all, here are a handful of examples proving timeliness:

Editing Practice


It's Bacon...

News Worthy?

Entries others could relate to, disagree with, or expand on.

Derek Tickle said, "I like how you specifically said that journalists avoid vagueness."
Get to the Point

Jessie Krehlik said, "I'm not saying that you guys are wrong here, I'm just saying..."
Bite-sized News

Aja Hannah said,"Yeah! I had that problem too."
Decisions, Decisions

Angela Palumbo said,"Oh my goodness, yes! That quote really resonated with me as well."
Curiousity that carried the reporter

Subjects I found useful and pondered over longer.

"When was it decided that every single news reporter had to don the same verbal etiquette?"
Talking the Talk

"TV news subscribes to the same agenda as any other television show, each being a primarily visually driven media."
How do I look?: Journalism close up

"There are no absolute rules of good writing." - Rene Cappon
Rule #1: There Are No Rules

My contribution to classmates blogs.

I was first to comment on Jennifer Prex's blog No One Is Perfect.

Jeanine O'neals blog, Profile Writing: When do I make a paragraph break?, gave me some insight into the structure of news articles.

I helped clarify something for Jeanine O'neal in her entry, Always in the Spotlight: Getting People Interested in YOU.


Gave credit where credit was due.
News Worthy?

I was first to comment on Derek Tickle's blog, Artistic Expression in Journalists.

I offer a link to a site related to Matt Henderson's topic in his entry, Just Like Writing a Play!(Only with Real Life).

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