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From a glimpse at the Top Ten Front Pages three caught my attention as something I'd consider reading based on the layout and images:


The bright colors in the photo covering almost the entire page of AM New York shouts, "Look at me!"  My eyes were drawn to it before any of the others, due to the large, red lettering.  Red is one color that commands attention.  Above the image is an AT&T poll that allows readers to not only learn about the issue of "Lane Pain" but contribute their own opinions by texting in a response.  Beneath, however, is an advertisement for parrot training, which is kind of silly; but maybe New York has a higher percentage of bird owners than that of Westmorland and Fayette counties. 


The next front page I noticed was The Ottawa Sun - which also contained some red but to a smaller degree.  It wasn't so much the image that drew me to it as the words: "WE ARE NOT AMUSED."  After I read the red price tags and the yellow bar beneath, well, I was amused.  The only dispute I'd have is the cover too closely resembles something you'd expect from tabloids; it lacked a seriousness that news typically conveys. 


The South African Times was the other cover, because it also had an interesting image.  How the photographed Jordanian woman related to the story beneath I'm unsure but it is a striking picture. All that can be made out is her long eyelashes and the somber suggestiveness that looms in her downcast stare.  It doesn't seem likely she was involved in the Jet-ski story.  Why is that?  Why not either A, pair the eyelash photo with the corresponding article, or B, replace it with an image to match the Jet-ski article?  Isn't that how stories are normally laid out? 


Additionally, anyone interested in how color affects our perception check out "Colors may affect performance, studies suggest."  Here is a little snit-bit about RED:

Participants performed tasks in which words or images were displayed against red, blue or neutral backgrounds on computer screens.
Red groups did better on tests of recall and attention to detail....


What does the class think?



I agree that red may be the most attention-getting color of them all. When I was looking at all the different front pages, I noticed that almost all of them had at least a little bit of red. It really just shouts at you as a color. I think the American News front page might be the most boring of the pages because it has a very small amount of red. Even with an exciting headline like "Buffalo Stampede!" it seems like it really struggles to catch your eye compared to the rest of the front pages. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of blue, more so than red, but it definitely doesn't usually stand out when it has compete with brighter colors. Overall, the layout of American News looks more classy though, so it's the kind of paper I'd be much more likely to pick up and want to read than, say, the tabloidy-looking Irish Daily Star.

Angela Palumbo said:

This is a really detailed and well-written entry, April. Kudos to you! You should definately put this in your depth section of your portfolio next Friday. Anyway, red is a very commanding color. Why do you think that so many sports teams are red? Actually, every soccer team I've ever been on (besides my first two teams when I was a lot younger) was red. My travel, middle school, high school, cup, and college teams have all been red and some other color (either white or yellow).

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