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"Profile Article of Delancy Street's Director, Dr. Mimi Silbert"

by Halle Stockton


Wow, Mimi is a saint!  The saint who saves the damned, apparently: with her following of "gang members, heroin and crack addicts and prostitutes" (Stockton).  After Mimi read this she probably had to be tied down to her desk chair, so that she didn't float away from an inflated ego. Seriously though, it's very possible Mimi Silbert is the kind, generous humanitarian we see in print off paper as well.  But as a reader, I personally thought the other profile, on Dr. Seuss, was better executed.  Not because one was written by a more experienced journalist, but because Stockton's piece is just too littered with exaltation, for me.  People usually only divulge this much appreciation for someone in an eulogy. Half way in I was like, "Okay! We get it; the woman is a godsend, enough." 


I don't mean to undermine this person's accomplishments or generosities, nor Halle Stockton's writing skills--the article did take a First Place.  It just didn't do it for me.  I'm curious why Stockton didn't interview Silbert for this.  Perhaps, she wasn't available to be interviewed.

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Kaitlin Monier said:

I agree with you... the piece made her seem perfect. It seemed like she had no faults and the article lacked a realistic aspect.

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