Editorial Attitudes

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An editorial has the perk of being persuasive and entertaining where some news writing areas do not allow but still has an obligation to deliver facts.  Many of the old rules continue to apply.  Think persuasive essay - but be mindful of the aforementioned differences between a college essay and a news article.  It is important to remember facts will speak volumes; whereas, gripes will only fall warmly on agreeing ears.  This also means representing an equally valid case for the opposing side.  Intelligent readers will make the wise decision on their own when provided with reasonable information. 

On another note, the advice to strong editorial writing as given in "Lessons Learned: Exploring the Process of Award-Winning Editorial Writing" reminded me that whatever the lesson to be learned is it can be adapted to serve the writer's style.
For example, there are two different attitudes shown toward outlines:

The cons of outlining:
"If I'm outlining, I might as well be writing."

-- N. Don Wycliff

The pros of outlining:
"The least effective work I do is when I don't take the time to outline it."

-- John McCormick, Chicago Tribune

I think it's important to not forget how you as an individual are best motivated.



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