Baby Einstein Busted

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An article titled "No Einstein in Your Crib? Get a Refund" probably came as a big shocker to numerous parents who had purchased the highly advertised "Baby Einstein" videos.  Apparently, the company is extending refunds for the merchandise admitting, "Baby videos are not educational, and we hope other baby media companies will follow suit by offering refunds." 

The major benefit, as I see it, to the online article is that if a person would not be familiar with the companies or campaigns mentioned - Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood or American Academy of Pediatrics - there are links immediately taking you to the site where that information can be know.  In traditional print this option is not a possibility.

There are also links to the themes of the "Baby Einstein" videos.  One was Shakespeare, a Times page devoted to theatrical and artistic endeavors related to Shakespearean works, with video and audio slides aplenty. 

Overall, online news is potentially far more informative and attention grabbing once the viewer is there, because so many additional opportunities to gain knowledge about a topic of interest are present.  Whatever you're looking for, basically, comes to you!



Aja Hannah said:

I heard this on the radio actually and it reminds me that even radio is getting more advanced. In the broadcast that I listen to, they bring in a webcam many times and have the show broadcasted live. They also post the audio on their page with links to themselves and the things they talked about throughout the day. It's interesting how web has advanced and combined medias that used to just stick to audio, video, or print.

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