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In my own opinion this multimedia news feature wasn't as fulfilling as it could have been.  Visually there is much to dote upon; however, the same visual technology imposed a level of frustration.  What I consider the "excessive interaction" on the site was slightly frustrating.  Maybe it was the internet browser I used to view the page's content, but my view was cut off on the left-hand side of the screen. 

A number of people might prefer to watch a video rather than read at length about one subject, myself included on occasion.  But, with a video or audio account of something you cannot easily move forward and backwards to pluck out whatever information it is you are interested in, so if the video/audio clip is lengthy you're still committing ample time to get the informative value out of it.  For instance, the clip on Arizona Star follows the garbage truck and you observe the noise and action of the truck, which aren't necessarily worthwhile subject matter.  If you choose to manually maneuver through a video to get to the good stuff faster, it might occur that you fast-forwarding over valuable parts.   Text can easily be skimmed first to pin-point areas of noteworthiness.  In this way text is actually more effective a delivering specific information.

Wondering in which cases presenting in text may be more beneficial to the reader?  Or when it may not?  A study on Eyetrack III sought to test how multimedia format influenced viewer accounts of story information.  Check it out!


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