Portfolio Three

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Portfolio 3: I Need Some Coffee with My News


This is a more no-nonsense collection of entries than my previous two, but the lessons are still in the details.  Because my schedule, usually, only affords me the day before class to compose my blogs, comments are slimmer this time around.  Noticing this trend a few weeks back, I added two additional blogs reflecting on what I've encountered and learnt from my news writing experiences.  Journalism remains challenging and at a certain level inspiring.


Coverage  (Less in-depth, but fulfill the blogging purpose.)
            Editorial Attitudes

            Who said that?


Timeliness  (Examples of)

            Leaving an Impression

            So Sensitive


Interaction  (Entries of mine classmates commented on)

            Leaving an Impression LINK

            Editorial Attitudes 


Depth  (Subjects I found useful and pondered over longer)

            Interviewing Techniques

            Leaving an Impression


Discussion  (My contribution to classmates blogs)


Xenoblogging  (Blogs with links to further info reinforcing the subject, topic or theme)

            Interviewing Techniques LINK

            Playing Reporter

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Wild Card 

            Playing Reporter


Previous Portfolios

            EXTRA, EXTRA! Portfolio 1 Hits the Stands

            Portfolio 2: The Coverage Continues


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