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Portfolio 4: News to Reuse



Less in-depth, but fulfill the blogging purpose.


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Examples of...


Fair Freedom

Blah, Blah, Bland

Clean, Crisp News Site

Don't Be Stubborn

Not So Impressed


Entries others could relate to, disagree with, or expand on.


Blah, Blah, Bland

Fair Freedom

 Baby Einstein Busted


Subjects I found useful and pondered over longer.


For "Fair Freedom" the challenge was about balancing Freedoms, which by nature presume eventual fault, with Fairness.  If legal responsibility is not forced there is room for individuals to act inappropriately without fear of reprimand.  At that point personal ethics and public pressures run the show.


Despite not receiving any comments, "Not So Impressed" was one entry that I took extra time to answer "why" an aspect of the article didn't work for me.  It also references an outside source that supports my conclusion by answering when text may be preferred over video or other multimedia features. 


My contribution to classmates blogs.


From Greta Carroll's "With great power, comes great responsibility," I realized something I didn't originally factor into my own interpretation of a reading.


I agreed with Jessie Krehlik's "Crimson Review" reasoning about online format.




Blogs where I provided links to further info reinforcing the subject, topic or theme: Not so impressed


Give credit when it is due: Fair Freedom; Crisp, clean news site


Wild Card


Jeanine O'Neal's "The Press: Non-Essential for Our Lives" grabbed my attention not only because she boldly stated her position but her reasoning behind it.  It pushed me to think about news from a position I wouldn't have thought immediately relatable, an environmental outlook.  It was nice to bring themes from one course to another and back again, since I happen to be taking Environmental Lit as well.


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