Into the Black Hole, Our Words Vanish

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© 2007, millicent_bystander, Black Hole Sun


by James Merrill

u cn gt a gd jb w hi pa!

So thinks a sign in the subway.

Think twice when letters disappear

Into Commodity's black hole--

No turning back from that career.

This counterspell may save your soul.

Quite an interesting lil' snippet, wouldn't you say?  It's provoking in its assertion.  To me it suggests we should all think hard about the deterioration of our language skills. 

I have compiled something of a counterspell below.  The following websites are devoted to righting grammatical wrongs and dispensing lingual awareness.  

My hmphs 



It's Your Language


Kayla Lesko said:

Yay I can read it! But in all seriousness, chat speak plays a big part in the deterioration that you speak of. I realize that in text messages you have a limited amount of space, but other than that, it's just plain laziness. Personally, I like to spell everthing out.

April M. Minerd said:

You're right, Kayla. There is definitely a degree of laziness that arises with the habit of shrinking language down so that it fits into a text message. People should be aware that convenience always has a price. No wat i mean!

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