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Hazard Yet Forward: A Meeting of Past and Future Selves

by April Minerd and Kayla Lesko 

The dorm room of Seton Hill University senior Lindsey Andrews. Tomorrow she graduates. She is seated on her bed with a scrapbook, flipping reminiscently through its pages.

 Voice: We sure have changed, huh?

One of the scrapbook photos looks up at Lindsey and waves. Lindsey watches the image of herself leap from a photo and off the page.

Retro-Lindsey, dusts herself off: You didn't forget about me, did ya?

Lindsey: I must be having some type of anxiety induced hallucination. I read about this happening to people.

Retro-Lindsey, laughs: Maybe. I'm just here to remind you.

Lindsey: Of?

Retro-Lindsey, points to the scrapbook: Oh, look! Do you remember English Club?

Lindsey: Is that Grace and Jeff? Wow. I was so shy at the first meeting.  The group dynamic was great, though.  Because of the encouragement and acceptance I found among those people, I grew confident about voicing my opinions. 

Retro-Lindsey: And look here at this newspaper clipping that recognizes our o-u-t-s-t-a-n-d-i-n-g achievements!

Lindsey: Yes. I was--am--very proud of the grades I earned.  My classes and teachers have given me so much more than I started with.

Retro-Lindsey, wincing: In this picture, you would've been the perfect candidate for a weight loss commercial. But now look at you--a fatty no more!

Lindsey: Yes, I'm not a fatty, as you say. Not since I got in the habit of going to the gym in the McKenna Center.

Retro-Lindsey: Hey! Do you remember going to see Iron Man 2?

Lindsey: Of course I do. I loved it so much I went to see it again when SHU played the movie for free in the Sully Hangout.

Retro-Lindsey: Oh, oh! How about your opinion piece that got into the school's newspaper, the Setonian?

Lindsey:  Yeah I wanted to talk about the exiting changes happening here with the Griffin Technology Advantage, and how I wish I could stick around to see them through.

Retro-Lindsey: Is that why you're sulking on this bed, looking back at me?

Lindsey: Well I'm ...  nervous, I suppose, about where things go from here after tomorrow's graduation.

Retro-Lindsey: Follow me. I want you to see something.

The two Lindseys cross to the other side of the room and stand before a framed mirror.

Retro-Lindsey: Before we came to Seton Hill we were afraid, just like you are now, but look at yourself.  Tomorrow, you'll step onto that stage and off into a future you've worked hard for. And guess what? You're ready for it.

Lindsey recognizes herself and smiles. Retro-Lindsey disappears.



ErinRhey said:

I really like the way you did this. This is extremely creative and intriguing. It really makes you think about where you will be in four years and how you should live now to ensure that your reflection is one of good memories and joyful times.

Kayla Lesko said:

This is amazing! I still feel bad about not having a Mac so I could've helped you more.

April M. Minerd said:

Thanks, Erin. We wanted to accentuate those aspects of college that encourage reflection while building great memories.

No worries, Kayla. I think we did alright.

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