Portfolio Three: I Know They're Watching

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What has been my progress in Writing for the Internet you ask? I can now successfully edit images and create videos for the web, and I am in the process of learning html, which is as daunting as it sounds.  I have improved the titles of my entries since portfolio 2, and it shows in that I received more comments this time around. From this course, I am becoming conscious of the role of audience in internet based writing as well as how to make that writing accessible and user friendly.


I commented on several of my peers' blogs. I am the anonymous contributor on Bethany's blog talking about dialogue as a writing prompt. I talked a little about children in the music industry and Willow Smith's career with Ashley. I commented on the quality of Erin and Patrick's multimedia project.


I talk about commitment and what it means to blog purposefully in Blogging as Goal Fulfillment. 

In Dear Semicolon, I spend some time commenting on punctuation usage as a stylistic choice.


In this tweet, I link to an outside source that pinpoints the pros/cons of ranting in a blog, which I shared with Beth Anne.

My entry on Julie Powell's choice to blog her way through Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking started a nice discussion about the purpose of blogging.

Outside Material...

I incorporated photos, videos, or links in each of my blogs. If I mention/ reference something my readers might not be familiar with, I always link to content that will help orientate them with the subject.


17.5 Thoughts Entertained on Route 119 is an example of my propensity for reflection, especially regarding the mundane. 


A Picture and a Word is an entry where I used multiple images that I cropped in Gimp then stored in Picassa.

Kayla and I's multimedia project best represents the progress I am making with technology. 

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