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I am eager for a near future filled with Christmas cookies and books of my own selection, a moment of breathable space before the spring semester.  I intend to steal some ME time somewhere in-between the holiday chaos. I am hoping to get in a few good reads. I don't yet know what.

That is where you, whoever is reading this post, come in. Tell me what I should read? Tell me to read your favorite book, poem or author. Just make sure to tell me why.

Be passionate about your suggestions! If a work impacted you in a remarkable way, I'm interested to hear about it.



Matthew R Moore said:

I’m looking forward to the break for this same reason. I think the last book that struck me with awe was The Road by Cormac McCarthy. It’s a dark, poetic journey in the post-apocalyptic world. The only thing of color is the bond between a father and his son. They hold “the fire”. It’s art, to me.

Bethany Bouchard said:

My favorite book is White Oleander by Janet Fitch. The language of the story is so powerful. Every time I read it, I find it hard to put down. It's sort of heavy though, so if you prefer something lighter, while also intelligent, I recommend the Sloppy First series by Megan McCafferty. Those books are hilarious. If you're in the mood for poetry, one of my favorite authors is Olena Kalytiak Davis. Her style is postmodern confessional, really great stuff. :)

April M. Minerd said:

Thanks for sharing, guys. I have heard of these titles before.
In fact, Matthew, I'm pretty sure I've seen the movie version of "The Road." It was poignant ... sad. The book is in all likely hood better, the book version always beats the movie.

Emily A. Wierszewski said:

I love _White Oleander_, too - and to go along with the somewhat heavy theme, have you read _The Red Tent_ by Anita Diamant ( It's one of my favorites.

Another really wonderful and also somewhat sad pick is _Blankets_ by Craig Thompson (it's a graphic novel, so it looks huge but I read it in one sitting:

I hope you get some time to relax and read for fun over break! That always was (and still is) the best part of time off :)

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