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The 2010 MTV Video Music Awards premiered Sunday, September 12. This special event gives celebs the chance to show off their unique fashion styles. Among the many celebs, Lady Gaga stood out the most with her many outfits throughout the night. Her first outfit consisted of a long dress made by Alexander McQueen, designed with famous paintings on it. She topped it off with feathers on her head, which in some way resembled a peacock lol. She also turned heads with her sky-high armadillo heels she wore. I jus wonder how the heck she was able to walk in them!? Lady Gaga always knows how to push the limits, and express her personality through her style choses.

Haley Williams, Paramore lead singer, wore a Mui Mui black mini dress, with various details in the front, and paired it with nude colored pumps. Her fiery red hair completes the outfit, making her gorgeous face stand out even more.

Selena Gomez looked absolutely gorgeous in a silver, metallic dress by Reem Acra. This strapless dress, with a beautiful slit on the side gave this 18 year old teen a more grown up look without going too over-the-top. Having her hair in a side ponytail really topped off the outfit. 


Justin Beiber stole the hearts of millions of fans with his performance at the VMA's. He wore all black, with a leather-man jacket detailed with his name on the back, black jeans, and a NY hat. 

While on staged performing her new song, Taylor Swift looked beautiful in a cream colored vintage-styled mini dress. Her soft curls really brought out her beauty, and her bright red lips really made her lips pop. 


Rihanna made a surprise appearance on stage with Eminem performing their hit song, "Love the Way You Lie." Rihanna came out on stage with a cream colored vintage ballerina skirt, with a matching belly-showing top. Her red hair really made her whole appearance pop. I'm not too sure if I like this new hairstyle on her . . .

I wonder what the celebs will wear for the 2011 VMA's?!
All I know is that Lady Gaga will definitely think of new ways to stand out from literally everyone else!


I love Gaga's music, but the woman herself kinda... freaks me out.

I never watch these types of shows, but was drawn to your blog by what you said about Lady Gaga. I normally just look past her, but this dress and knowing that it is actually made of famous paintings reprinted is actually kind of cool and made me want to take a closer look at it. Thanks for such an interesting piece of info.

Taylor Swift's hair is so cute. I'm jealous!

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