Willow Smith: A Rising Superstar

Now I'm sure you have all heard the new hit song, "Whip Your Hair" by Willow Smith. Daughter of actor and comedian Will Smith, Willow is stealing the hearts of many with her amazing voice, unique style, and she in fact is only 10 years old! Along with many other music lovers, I can say I cannot believe such a powerful voice comes out of such a small girl. I definitely look forward to hearing more of her music in the future.

Here's her hit video "Whip My Hair" and her performance on Ellen Degeneres. 

Tell me what you guys think!

Another performer sweeping the nation with their hit dance to "Whip My Hair" is the must-see video on YouTube right now. An actual bird is performing a dance to this song, which is quite amazing to me! CHECK IT OUT!



I love this bird! He has better moves than I do (which is not actually saying much since I am rhythmically challenged). Very entertaining video.
As to Willow, she was bounnd to be talented being the daughter of Will Smith. He is a great actor. It should be interesting to watch her career evolve. It does bother me a little, though, thinking about children in show biz; but I don't imagine this is something she will be pressured to continue if it becomes too much for her.

The bird was hilarious, and in regards to Willow's career i agree. She has a bright future ahead of her due to the great support she gets. Hopefully she doesn't end up like poor Lindsey or the other Olsen twin.

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