December 07, 2005

End of the Girl

Belasco, Girl of the Golden West (Finish) -- American Literature, 1800-1915 (EL 266)

Nick: You've been my religion-the bar an' you. You don't never want to leave us. Why I'd drop dead for you! (244)

Well, I fininshed the play finally. Nick struck me the most through the last two acts because he seems to have a revelation. Like Valerie said in class, I as well, do and did feel bad for Nick because he was at her beck n' call. He was the most honest and true male to her in the play because he was not selfish and helped her no matter what. Nick was like the typical perfect guy standing right there in front of the Girl, but she had to take the one who no one wanted her to have. Even though Nick confesses his love for the Girl, he still wants her to be happy. He was sweet and even wanted Johnson to say goodbye to her because he knew she would be upset. I think the Girl should have known Nick liked her and taken him instead. He'd probably treat her better than any of the men because he stuck by her side through thick and thin.
The ending was, however, a nice happy ending. Both Johnson and the Girl got what they wanted. I don't know how she could have left all of that for just one guy. If Johnson really loved her, why couldn't they stay at the camp and make a life there? I guess its because everyone would give them a hard because they didn't approve. What do you think?

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