Grow up Gatsby!!!

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While reading the rest of the Great Gatsby, I started thinking about what the story really means, outside of what the text says.  I think that, possibly, Fitzgerald wanted to convey to his readers that there comes a point in everyone's lives where we need to "come back down to reality" and eventually let go of our extravagant dreams.  The main factor that convinced me of this is the differences between Gatsby and Nick.  Nick always seemed to be more down to Earth than Gatsby.  In the beginning of the book Nick left the life he knew to fulfill his dreams, even thought they weren't all too extravagant.  In the end of the story Nick begins to realize that his new life isn't all it was cracked up to be.  In contrast, Gatsby never really seemed to "grow up".  At one point he even stated that he could gladly continue living in the past.  Because of this, Gatsby doesn't seem to be able to really continue his life.  Fitzgerald made those two characters opposites to prove his point that if we are able to accept the fact that we won't achieve all of our dreams (Nick) we will be able to continue on with our lives.  In contrast, if we do not let go of those dreams, we will be constantly living in the past which blocks us from moving any further in our daily lives (Gatsby).

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