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As I was finishing The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck, I felt horrible for the Joad family and everything that had happend to them.  However, thinking back to Foster, I began thinking about how all of the rain that the Joad family found in California had a possible means of foreshadowing their future turmoil.  They experienced the same, and far far worse, pain that they did in Oaklahoma.  However, Foster says that rain is always there to symbolize something, and it seemed to me that it was almost always something good.  However, they Joads' life became worse once they got to California, and it was EXTREMELY rainy.  They experienced a severe and relentless storm for 6 to 7 days straight.  I began thinking about what the excessive amount of rain could possibly symbolize in the final chapters that we have with the Joad family.

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That’s an interesting point you make about the rain. I forgot about the Foster reading saying that rain was always a symbol for something. It’s funny how different we both view the rain though. In general, I see the rain as a symbolism for something bad, in the sense that they sky is grey, it’s cold outside, and there is not much you can do about it. On rainy days, I am usually cooped up in the house all day wishing I could go outside and do something. (I always think of the “Cat in the Hat” when the children are bored with the rainy day the Cat comes and stirs up all sorts of trouble.) That doesn’t mean I disagree with you entirely. I can see where you might be positive about it. I mean in the end of the “Lion King” the rain brings new life after a huge fire.

Ashley Pascoe said:

I see what you mean with the bad you can find in rain, however, doesn't good come out of the bad? For example, you used The Cat in the Hat. The kids and the cat make their rainy day one of their best childhood memories, but they wouldn't have had that memory if it weren't raining. (not that I disagree with the negativity found in rain. Its a very valid point)

Alphonso (Al) Pine said:

Rain can come in many forms. Snow, can be hated by the adult missing work while the childs eye are all aglow with a snow day.
How ever you choose to look at the out come....Carpe Diem. is what happens to you while you are making other plans.
Make the snow tunnels before the snow plow man comes!

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