There's lots to learn in an English class especially if its the "Bear necessities, the simple bear necessities!"

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This is the first portfolio that I'm posting for my American Literature 1915 to the Present class.  All this is, is a compilation of all of the blogging that I've done so far.

Coverage: This section shows all of the blogs that include a quote from the required readings and that link back to the designated class web page for that reading.

  • Frost: After Apple Picking has the link back to the course page and a quote from the poem at the end of the post.
  • Foster: Chapter 3 has the link back to the course page so that you can see what the other students in my class have to say as well as a quote within the blog.
  • Foster: Chapter 12 includes both of the requirements

Timliness: In this section, I included all of the blog posts that I've gotten in on the expected date as well as blogs that were more involved but a day or two late.

Interaction: This section includes the blogs and/or comments that I have posted which began an 'outside of the classroom' conversation.

Depth:In this section, I attached the blogs that I had some added 'depth' in. 

Discussion: This section includes the links to any comments I have made on my classmates blogs.

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