"How now brown cow! How now brown cow!"~Ron Burgandy, Anchorman

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During the 30 minute news broadcast, there was alot of 'chit chat' with the news anchors in between the actual news segments.  Essentially, this allows them to fill space where they do not have news to fill the 30 minute alloted time period.  There seemed to be alot of not so newsworthy segments, especially the portion on the chocolate covered bacon and other food items that can be found at the Westmoreland Fair.  This, and other segments they had, seemed to be just kind of thrown together because it was a slow news day.  On top of that, there was even a weather up date which seemed like it was there to fill in even more time.  Overall it was informative, but the majority of the segments seemed to be 'fillers' so that they could take up the entire time that was alloted to them for broadcasting.

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Angela Palumbo said:

You know...it's sad how much our society uses fillers. Think about it. The news "fills" time with talking, music, reporting the weather several times, and telling us how every single member of the Pittsburgh Steelers feels today. But then this leaks into other things, too. Think of the last time you opened a bag of potato chips. You open the bag only to discover the top half was only air. And what about hot dogs? Are you hungry for worms tonight? And what about that conversation you had with that girl you had one class with freshman year? All fillers...

Greta Carroll said:

You are certainly right about the weather; I thought it took forever to go through. I just figured it didn’t particularly interest me and maybe it was more interesting for other people. But I think a lot of time was spent on the weather. I also felt too much time was spent on Sports (of course, I could be biased on that one, as I don’t care too much what’s going on). However, when I watched the 11 o’clock news, I thought they were pretty good about not small talking. I hate it when the news anchors “chit chat” because the longer they do it, the more stupid it generally gets. But I thought they kept it to a minimum when I watched so it didn’t bother me too much. I wonder if the chat more or less at the different times or if it is slowly based on them trying to fill up time…

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