Brad, hi!You been holding this long?Uh huh.I'm incredible.Yeah,Neverland.Uh-huh.Lost Boys.Jim Hook,duel to the death.I'll fill you in later.Listen,I'd love to chat,but I gotta climb a drain pipe right now.Why?Because I ran out of fairy dust!~Peter, Hook

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Out of the poems we had to read by Billy Collins, I liked, "On Turning Ten" the most.  I can remember feeling weird about becoming a 10 year old.  My Dad would always say, "You'll never be in the single digits ever again."  However, I feel like the poem, in general, can be related to growing up instead of just turning ten.  This year I've had to accept alot of new responsibilities and how much growing up really really sucks. So at the end when Collins says, "It seems only yesterday I used to believe/ there was nothing under my skin but light./ If you cut me I would shine./ But now when I fall upon on the sidewalks of life,/ I skin my knees.  I bleed", I feel like it relates to every point in life where you have to accept more and more responsibilities.  

The more and more I thought about this poem, the more it became inspiring to me.  My family has taught me to always be responsible and accept my own duties and any necessary consequences I may have.  However, they have also taught me to still be my own person and have fun in my free time.  This poem really reminded me of what it was like to be a kid, and I feel like it can be a reminder to adults to make sure they take time out of each busy day to have fun, and let your hair down!

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