I-I was told that-that i-if I was late one more time that I-I'd be summarily dismissed.~Milton, Office Space

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"That's why TV news shows are filled with bloody crime, fires and accidents, suspects being paraded down sidewalks by cooperative prosecutors, teary-eyed victims, cute kids and animals, and small street protests photographed so they look bigger than they are.  The pictures will carry the story." Byron (Here's a link to Byron's article).

I never really noticed this until I read this portion of the article and watched the news later on that night.  All of the broadcast's big, "don't miss this!", segments involve the most pictures and video clips, where as some of the earlier, less advertised stories seemed more important to me. 

Even though I don't entirely agree with down grading stories that deserve more attention, it does make sense for a tv broadcast news station to use these kinds of tactics.  Their audience is watching the television because they want to be able to see things they normally wouldn't be able to with out the television.  Because of this, most viewers won't mind that some stories are being dismissed because they are provided with more viewing material that way. So, essentially, it does make sense for the tv news to make the decision to dismiss these stories becuase they don't quite cut it for their needs.

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