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In Mark Twain's story, "Luck", I thought that the reverend seemed relatively suspicious because he seemed envious of Lieutenant-General Lord Arthur Scoresby.  The reverend is only telling the narrator of the story about Scoresby's so called idiocy at the actual banquet to honor Scoresby. 

Alnother important factor is that in the middle of the story, we find that the reverend was actually involved in the army previous to his position as a military man.  This furthers the proof that the reverend is jealous of Scoresby because the new Lieutenant-General has out ranked any of the positions the reverend may have held during his time with the military.

Also, our narrator is supposedly the first person the reverend has told about how Scoresby is supposed to be a complete fool.  He kept this part of the the Lieutenant-General's life a secret until it came time for the banquet to honor Scoresby's new position in the military.  These kinds of banquets are bound to make some people envious of the person that is being honored at the banquet.

Unfortunately for our poor narrator, he has put his complete trust in the reverend simply because he is part of the church.  It is now up to the narrator to take or leave what the reverend has to say to him since, with a little bit of close reading, the readers can see that the reverend is jealous of the Lieutenant-General Lord Arthur Scoresby.

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Brooke Kuehn said:

I completely agree that the reverand was jealous of Scoresby for passing him up in military achievement. However, im not so sure that Scoresby actually trusts the reverand. We never hear Scoresby's thoughts. He may have realized long ago that the reverand was jealous of him and not to be trusted. I could not help but thinking during the whole story, i wonder what scoresby was thinking when he made that decision or how does he feel about the reverand. Ahh if only we knew.

Ashley Pascoe said:

Actually, we do know that the narrator (I think you confused the narrator with Scoresby in your comment). In Roberts, on page 361 in the first paragraph, the narrator says, "Two things I was well aware of: that the Reverend was a man of strict veracity and that his judgment of men was good. Therefore I knew, beyond doubt or question, that the world was mistaken about this hero: he WAS a fool."

Brooke Kuehn said:

Actually, i did mean Scoresby. I think the narrator clearly believes the reverand because he is a reverand; however, we never hear scoresby's opinion. Yes, the reverand helped him pass an exam to enter the military, but he is so jealous of him. I wish we knew whether Scoresby knows that the reverand is jealous or if he still thinks this man is out to help him.

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