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"Chop up long sentences into their functional components and aim for an average sentence lenght of 16 to 17 words." (Cappon,37)

I've always had problems with keeping the things I want to say to a short length.  I have a tendancy to add lots of adjectives or extra words that are relatively frivolous.  As weird as it seems, having a general count that I should keep my sentences to in an article will really help me.  I'll just go and write my article because I write best just typing my thoughts as they come and then going back and organizing them if necessary.  All I have to do now, is after I organize, I will just go through each sentence and count the words I have and delete the ones I feel are unnecessary to that sentence and to the article.

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Greta Carroll said:

I like having a clear word limit as well. It gives me some guidance and guidelines as to how long is too long and how short is too short. If I’m just told avoid long sentences, I will immediately wonder, how long is long? Long means nothing. Here again Cappon is practicing what he preaches. He doesn’t tell us “don’t write long sentences,” thereby basing his whole rule on the subjective “long,” but gives us a specific detail or fact (like we should do in our news articles) that we should aim for 16 to 17 words per sentence. My problem is simply that keeping a sentence that short is easier said than done…

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