Now, in the 60s- there were only 2 other cars made in America that had positraction and enough power to make these marks. One- was the Corvette, which could never be confused with the Buick Skylark~Mona Lisa Vita, My Cousin Vinny

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I really enjoyed reading this article (Here is a link to the article) because it helped me find a good basis for the profile assignment we're working on.  The only thing that sort of confused me in the long run was how the article seemed to focus more on the Delancey Street Foundation than its founder, Mimi Silbert.  The journalist who wrote the article incorporated many quotes that talked about the founder, however, the majority also included comments about the organization.  I feel that it may have gotten slightly off topic in the middle portion of the article but the last few quotes pulled it back on track and ended with quotes about Silbert. 

The part that confuses me about this, is that I though these kinds of articles were supposed to be about the people themselves, but this article won the author an award including a scholarship, so, is this the right way to write it, or not?

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