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In the comic strip, A Famous Person Has Died, from the series "Goodbye, Foom" by John Campbell, (Click here to view the comic strip), the characters are newsreporters.  This particular comic strip mocks the television news by pointing out how the news broadcasters word their way around saying the things the comic strip says.  My favorite part is when they say "People have gathered where we are pointing our cameras."  I never really noticed how they send someone to a location that is slightly related to the story, and simply announce that people are there.  This in itself is an odd thing to report because, most likely, people are only gathered because there are cameras at the 'scene'.  Television news broadcasts do contain some valuable information but, there are alot of things (many pointed out by the comic strip) that are completely unnecessary and are there, simply, to fill the time slot that the television station has allowed for the news.

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