You'd have to have a lot of tape for my story.~Loius, Interview with a Vampire

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"Rave parties" is not a story idea. "Garage sales" is not a story idea. These are topics." (Joe Grimm)  Here's a link to his article 

The thing I found most useful in this article was his first tip.  He said that when pitching ideas for an article, we have to avoid the use of topics.  A proper idea to pitch will often consist of a question, and its answer.  From there, we can write the article after doing some research and gathering facts. 

I found that the way he worded everything made it much easier for me to get his point.  His examples really helped too.

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Richelle Dodaro said:

I get what you're saying about the "question and answer" thing, and it really made me think has to how formulating a question and answer can turn it into a story. For example, I think the topic of text messaging has a question and answer. One of the questions could be, "Who is participating in this activity?" or "How did it start?" With these questions, you have to find out who is doing it, which means you are going to interview people, get quotes. This makes it specific and involves individuals which makes it a story. And I think the answer comes along after some investigating and researching. So, good job on mentioning this; I definitely agree, and it has made me think more on the idea of questions and answers.

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