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06, 2005

Morgan Spurlock Lecture

Wow what a great experience. I think I will be telling my kids about this lecture. He had great command of the stage, was very funny, and I think it fit well with the "Inspiring Perspective" Lecture series the school is having this year. I don't think I will be able to eat at McDonalds for awhile. I stayed after and got his autograph and asked him what was one of the most positive experience that he has had with doing the movie. He replied that one of his best stories is that his movie (Super Size Me) was shown to a middle school. The students were so disgusted by what they were being fed at school from what they saw in the movie and within 2 weeks the whole middle school were bringing in packed lunches. Morgan said, "If 13 year olds can do it, why can't we?" Anyway it was a great experience and I had a great time. Here are some pictures that I took during and after the lecture.

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