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07, 2005

Morgan Spurlock Article

Here is my finished article covering the Morgan Spurlock Lecture. Give it a look, I really enjoyed writing it and I am glad I got to attend the lecture. Also thanks to everyone who helped in the worksop today. I am so glad we get to worshop our stories, it realyl does help a lot. Download file

Posted by AshleyWelker at 7, 2005 12:16


Ashley, first of all, great article. I liked how you formatted it as a download on your blog in order to condense the amount of space you used. (a true blogger you are) One thing that I liked about it (your article)was the fact that you gave a lot of background information about the "An Inspiring Perspective" lecture series and why SHU chose Spurlock as a speaker. I kind of wish I would have done that differently in my article instead of just giving information on Spurlock. I think that I wrote assuming the reader would know about SHU and not him, but most likely they would be oblivious to both. Once again good job and use of quotations from the event.

Posted by: Leslie Rodriguez at 10, 2005 11:37

Thanks for your feedback Leslie. My original idea was to give a background of the lecture series in general discussing he previous names of he series. However with the length of 400 words I could not go down that path, so instead yes I tried just to focus on this particular lecture series and the theme this year of inspiration. Thank you as well for complimenting how I put my files on my blog, I want to seem like an experienced blogger but the reason I do that is because that is the only way I know how to put my articles up. Personal if there are other ways will probably stick with the way I do it now because it does conserve space. By the way did you like my pictures from the event?

Posted by: Ashley Welker at 11, 2005 01:30

The pictures (your pictures) were great as well. Mine were a bit blurred because I took them on a camera phone. I was in the second row of chairs. I posted those photos on my blog. Are you very interested in photography?

Posted by: Leslie Rodriguez at 11, 2005 06:50

Yeah I love to take pictures. I never had the chance to take photography and my digital camera is not the best but I still love it. The Kodak service i use to post my pictures online though is awesome and I have 100 plus albums over the years. Pop by if you you would ever like to see them.

Posted by: Ashley Welker at 12, 2005 08:01

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