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Batman, Joker, Dent.jpg     We decided to use The Dark Knight for our project because we discovered that the characters are very complex and are ruled by strong impulses. The characters that we plan on analyzing are Bruce Wayne, the Joker, and Harvey Dent. We thought that the latest Batman movies were more suitable to our purposes as opposed to the other superhero movies because the directors and writers spent so much time adding psychological depth to several of the main characters instead of just one or two.



     As a quick introduction, we wanted to lightly cover some of the other major motion pictureSuperman.jpg superheroes and what we feel their respective movies indicates that drives them (which may or may not be accurate as far as the comic books are concerned).  Superman, as defined by the latest movie Superman Returns, is motivated to help simply because he can. He has several powers that can save lives and works to save others because he has a love for the human race and would feel guilty otherwise.

Spiderman.jpg     Peter Parker (Spiderman) gained superpowers after being bitten by a radioactive spider.  He seems to be driven to help others by his guilty conscience.  He is guilty because he let a robber get away after stealing from a man (because Parker had problems with the man who he stole from).  This robber turns out to be the man who ends up killing his beloved Uncle Ben. 

     Lastly, we will take a brief look at Ironman.  Since Tony Stark realized the negative impact he has on the world (his Ironman.jpgcompany made weapons) after experiencing it firsthand he decided to do what he could to correct it. He seemingly has post-traumatic stress as a result of the terrorists that attacked his convoy while he was demonstrating a rocket launch.  He found out the very money that padded his pocket could be coming from terrorists like these ones who held him captive.  He decides to build a suit to help him fight terrorists and evildoers like Obadiah Stane.  

     Although these other heroes have interesting driving forces, we feel that what motivates Batman is, in our opinions, mostly grounded in psychological problems concerning his past life and his current identity.  This is why we are, on the other pages, going to analyze him as well as the other characters surrounding him in the summer 2008 box office smash The Dark Knight.  



 *A little about us- Our names are Angela Palumbo and Derek Tickle.  We are both English Literature majors at Seton Hill University.  I am going to be a secondary school teacher.  Derek is going to be an elementary school teacher.  We are doing this project for our Literary Criticism class, which is taught by Dr. Dennis Jerz.


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