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Tiny Tots

Poetry Selections -- Jerz: EL150 (Intro to Literary Study)
"There was a little turtle. He lived in a box. He swam in a puddle. He climbed the rocks."

This particular group of poems didn't really have any emotional effect or impact on me whatsoever. It sort of reminded me of nursery rhymes, and I had difficulty finding the deeper meaning in them. I actcually don't think there was any deeper meaning in them. It was just like reading a little story that rhymed, but had no plot. They kind of reminded me of those little spongy books that someone would by for an infant or a two-year-old, the kind with a sentence on each page that goes something like, "See Spot run." Next page, "Spot runs fast." I think you get the idea. I am not really sure what the intended age for the audience of poetry this shallow was, but if it was intended for young adults, it was definitely not impressive.

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I agree with you Beth Beth, but don't you think that they were refreshing after all the morbid things we have been reading. They were simple but I think that it is obvious that they were meant to be that way, which makes the poems fun and happy-go-lucky!

Ellen Einsporn:

The poems about the turtles are not really my cup of tea either. This could be because I hate turtles, but besides that, like Dr. Jerz said, most of the time depressing literature is just more interesting. For example, if someone wrote a poem about a cute little turtle minding his own business who one day mistakenly hooks onto fishing bait, this poem, although sad for most readers, would have more meaning than a poem simply about a cute little turtle.

Bethany Bouchard:

Yeah, Mom, I see your logic when I think about it today, but I was angry when I wrote this blog. Basically, my thoughts were something along the lines of, "This is stupid..." I think they're cute today.

Jara White:

I have to agree with you Bethany there did seem to be little to no depth in these poems, and no deeper meaning that I could find. But I also think thats the beauty of them. You don't have to go searching what you see is what you get.

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