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Someone's Either In Denial Or Just Really Stupid

O'Connor, ''A Stroke of Good Fortune'' -- Jerz: EL150 (Intro to Literary Study)
"All those children were what did her mother in-eight of them: two born dead, one died the first year, one crushed under a mowing machine."

I thought this was the best story that we have read so far out of O'Connor's anthology. I really understood what was going on, and I thought the symbolism and foreshadowing utilized was very clever. I think the reason Ruby didn't want to admit that she was pregnant was because she was afraid that if she had children she would end up like her mother which, in her opinion, was not a good thing. She thought her mother was "dried out" and old-looking, and that is not what Ruby wanted to be. I picked up on it almost immediately that Ruby wasn't really sick, she was just expecting a baby. I think the first time I picked up on this was when she was talking about Hartley Gilfeet and how his mother called him Good Fortune. Then I remembered that Madam Zoleeda told Ruby that she would have a long sickness ending in "good fortune." I thought this was a very clever way to foreshadow what Ruby's actual affliction was. This story was full of several other clues that pointed to Ruby's pregnancy. I was excited that I was able to guess what was wrong with her before it actually came out in the narration. I'm sure it's not that big of a deal because a bunch of other people were probably able to do the same, but it was kind of cool.

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