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Portfolio 3

Bethany Bouchard
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Portfolio 3 -- Jerz: EL150 (Intro to Literary Study)

This is my final blog portfolio for Intro to Literary Studies. Included in this portfolio are all my entries from assigned readings, class discussions, etc. dating from April 9 until the end of the semester. Throughout the semester I have grown more familiar with the academic blogging world and have learned how it can be useful in classroom discussions. I think that I like blogging more than I dislike it, and it is such a great way to communicate with classmates and other bloggers and get quick feedback and ideas from peers and other scholars.

Coverage: In this section there are links to entries for all the assigned readings for the end of the semester.

Depth: This section contains links to all the entries that I felt really delved into the core of the readings and promoted discussions in class.

Interaction: This section contains links to all the entries on which I left comments.

Discussions: These are links to the entries that promoted classroom discussion.

Timeliness: This section contains links to all the blogs that I posted in a timely manner.

Xenoblogging: This section contains links to the blogs that I was first to leave a comment on.

Wild Card: I just like this one...

Wit -- Jerz: EL150 (Intro to Literary Study)
"I think it's like he's hiding. I think he's really confused, I don't know, maybe he's scared, so he hides behind all this complicated stuff, hides behind his wit."

I thought this was one of the most important lines in the play, and it was written for a character that has only a brief part. It really sums up the psychoanalysis behind the character of Vivian. I thought it was interesting how Edson chose to reveal it through a flashback and that it was not directly about her, but it is meant for her. Vivian is confused about her life and about what will happen to her after death. She's scared, so she hides behind her complicated thoughts and behind her wit.

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