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So. I have never heard of something like this, but I am really excited and interested in trying out. I know I definitely want to work with text. I feel like the object of this assignment is to take two pieces of art, whether of different media or the same, that have opposing themes or tones, and try to mash them together to make one remix containing the two pieces, a remix that "works." At least that was the goal of the students in the tv show Glee one episode where they were asked to do something similar with songs and then to perform them.

While the Glee kids did their mash-ups with songs, I would like to use poetry. I'm feeling a mix poem of something by Dorothy Parker with something by Sylvia plath. I'm just not sure which poems I would like to use yet, though. There are so many. Also I'm not sure that their works are under the creative commons license. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I chose these two poets because they are both strong female poets with strikingly differenty writing styles. It will be interesting to see what I come up with, but I can't wait!


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Bethany, so I live in a dark closet and I don't watch "Glee" (I actually have a TV, but I only use it for Netflix) so it was really interesting to hear about how remix has been a part of the show. Anyway, I think it's an intriguing idea to take two poems that are sort of opposites and put them together. What will the purpose of that mashing up be? To show how they are different? How despite different tones, they have something in common (perhaps as female writers)? Think about what message or purpose might motivate your combination, or what you might "say" about the poems by mixing them together.

Here's a book that has at least one poem from Dorothy Parker in it that's in the public domain (no copyright laws apply):

I think Sylvia Plath is too contemporary - I couldn't find her work on Project Gutenberg. I am sure there are other female poets on there (of course there's Emily Dickinson...). Try searching for authors you know of on this page:

Haha, it's ok. I've discovered a lot of people who don't watch "Glee", surprisingly more than I would have thought.

The purpose of using two sort of opposite poets will be to show how their different voices combined can form a new and even more beautiful idea, sort of like the effect a "Glee" mash up has with two very different songs. If I can find a link to one of their mash ups, I will post it for you.

Thank you for the link, and I think I will go with Emily Dickinson rather than Sylvia Plath. Thanks for the suggestion!

Here is a link to the video of the "Halo/Walking on Sunshine" mash up from "Glee".

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