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I need to stop doing this, thought Scott, as he finished up he online chat with Babycakes6402. It isn't right, not when I have a perfectly adoring and loveable girlfriend right upstairs.

He smiled just to think of Amanda, yet, at the same time, it was oh-so-thrilling to be the object of Babycakes's online pursuit. Enough, that's enough for today. He closed the laptop with the idea of a quick romp in the sack in mind, and hoped Amanda was up for it. As he made his way down the hall, his stomach rumbled, and, with a sigh, he made a detour towards the fridge.

"What time is it?" Amanda called down the stairs. She had an interview at three, and would just be getting out of the shower.

"It's one-fifteen!" Scott yelled back to her, imagining her in a little pink lacy bra and pantie set from Victoria's Secret, or, better yet, still in her towel.

"Thanks!" she responded, sounding rushed.

He opened the fridge, hoping to find some pudding. He stared at its contents blankly, momentarily distracted as he fervently recalled Babycakes's last words to him only moments before: "Go rev up your engine, big boy; I'm gonna wax down my car."

Was it creepy, these little online sexcapades? No, he shook that thought out of his mind almost as it came to him. It was just normal male instinct taking over, it's not like it was hurting anyone. But it would hurt Amanda, if she knew...But she doesn't know.

Scott was called out of his reverie by the cold air coming from the fridge and monotonous hum of the machine, and only then remembered he was still standing there with the door open.

"What the hell was I looking for anyway?"

He couldn't remember. He shrugged it off and grabbed the can of whipped cream and jar of maraschino cherries instead. He grinned as he imagined Amanda, perfumed and primped, waiting for him. He shut the door, and as an afterthough, grabbed the cowboy hat sitting on the top of the fridge and made his ascent up the stairs.

"Hey babe!" he called.

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