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I must admit, yes, this is a blog where I want to share my creative writing process and some of my work; however, I am slightly nervous to post some of my work here. We just did a whole section on copyrights, does my work still belong to me if I post it here on my blog?

On the other hand, I would love to share it with everyone who reads. Maybe I'll just have to bite the bullet and post. Yes? No?


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You could always include one of those licenses from Creative Commons in the entry. I'd like to see your work.


Thanks for both of your comments! And thanks, Kayla, for the suggestion about the Creative Commons license. I didn't even think about that. With two votes "yes" and zero "no," I will definitely be posting a lot more entries containing my work.

Bethany - Copyright law works thusly: the moment your artistic expression is fixed in a form (i.e., is written in a blog or on a piece of paper), it becomes all-rights-reserved your property. You own the copyright. A CC license would loosen the control you have over your work, permitting others to share your work or to remix it.

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