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Bethany Bouchard
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Previously in the blog porfolio, I reviewed the beginning entries of the semester, adventures in microblogging, wikipedia editing, remix projects, and creative writing, among other things.

Now, as the semester has progressed, so have the entries in my blog, becoming more defined in ethos and discussion, and including some of my own work, as promised.


I respond to the opinions of my readers by giving them what they want to see more of in my blog, as well as commenting back to their comments they leave. I also comment on my classmates' blogs.


I provide links in my microblog to new blog entries, so that all my readers can be alerted if they want to stay caught up. I also have entries detailing brainstorming ideas for writing that are extremely specific.


On the entry, Harvey Frick is Reborn, I left a comment at the end of the entry explaining where my idea came from for it for those readers who are interested or want to try a similar technique.


In my remix project entry, I provided the links to the original sources for the material.


The tone my writing sometimes takes on is reflected in the short piece, Complications and in the Tweet linking to that entry.


This portfolio showcases how I learned to include a creative commons license in my entries, and also how to link a picture in a microblog post.

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