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Bethany Bouchard
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From editing articles on Wikipedia to remix projects, we traveled to the valley of multimedia projects. We also started learning how to code web pages in html for our own sites. I have continued to post bits of my creative work, as well as relating them to ideas on how to kindle one's own creative pieces. My posts since the last portfolio have been rooted in:

I commented on classmates' blogs and responded to comments on my own blog.

I posted lengthy and sometimes slightly risque creative pieces, and provided commentary on how I got my ideas for those pieces in either comments or separate entries.

Along with leaving commentary on my own blogs to enhance my readers' experiences, I also make brief reference to my ideas accompanying links to my blog entries on Twitter.

On my entry about my multimedia project, I included a link to the Facebook page I created for Seton Hill's Creativity Center.

I express myself as a writer and a professional not only in my blog, but also in my microblog.


I successfully put together a smoothly edited video, uploaded it to a web page, and incorporated the link to the page in my entry about my multimedia project.

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