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So. I've been working on my website for a while now. This is going to be the basic layout for how it's going to work.

First there's going be a homepage.
On the homepage there will be links to my poetry, my blog, my twitter profile, and my sister's tumblr page.

Clicking on my poetry will take you to a page where all the titles of my poems are listed.
Clicking on one of the titles will take you to that poem. Each poem will have it's own page.

Clicking on the blog will take you my Seton Hill Blog.
Clicking Twitter will take you to Twitter.
And clicking on the link that says favorite links, will bring you to a page of links to my sister's blog and a few of my favorite authors' sites.

That's the basic layout for now. It shouldn't change that much, but we'll see.


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I like how organized you are. This will make life much easier when you finally arrange this on your site.

Thanks! Yeah, it's pretty linear in way of organization, so it'll be easy to use. Nothing too crazy.

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